Data miner leaks Apex Legends kill replay feature

Scripts for the fan-requested kill cam were found in the game’s files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s a common occurrence for Apex Legends players to get shot down in-game and then look around wondering, “What the hell killed me?” A new kill replay feature could put that question to rest.

Reliable data miner That1MiningGuy leaked these scripts in a tweet yesterday, claiming that Apex might be getting a kill replay “eventually.”

The battle royale has some hidden files named “KillReplayStarted( KillReplayHud_Activate)” and “KillReplayEnded( KillReplayHud_Deactivate).” This suggests that a player may be able to watch how they were killed immediately after their death, much like the Call of Duty series.

That1MiningGuy also found files containing the words “RoundWinningKillReplay.” Respawn’s developers will likely add a replay for the game-ending kill, allowing the champion squad and their victims to watch.

The data miner can’t confirm when exactly a kill replay will be added, but a replay system has been a feature that fans have long been asking for.

TSM’s Colton “Viss” Visser tweeted yesterday that a replay system, similar to Fortnite’s, would be a great “learning tool” for players.

The former PUBG pro commented that the system could also be used to edit plays.

One fan noted on the thread that a replay mode would also help out when reporting cheaters. Apex allows players to upload video proof of hacking on their support page. A replay system would help smooth out that entire process.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but with Wraith’s Voidwalker event scheduled to start today at 12pm CT and season three coming next month, the developers definitely have enough on their plates.