Crypto’s Map Room can reveal the location of all players on Kings Canyon

The Allfather has nothing to do with it.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ latest update added a new area to Kings Canyon and it serves to know the exact location of all players on the map. Crypto’s Map Room can unveil the position of all enemy squads on Kings Canyon and even tag them on the map.

Crypto’s Map Room contains an antenna and a holographic representation of Kings Canyon. When activating the panel in the POI, the antenna sends out a map-wide pulse that can capture the location of each legend in the arena—regardless of where they are.

Opening the map while the scan is active will reveal the exact spots of each player scattered around Kings Canyon, even if they’re all the way across the arena in Slum Lakes. Enemies in range will also appear on the mini-map.

The Map Room can provide good situational awareness of each squad’s location and which routes to prefer or avoid when moving toward the ring. Coupled with a Pathfinder, this lets players set a somewhat safe route to the final circles.

Crypto’s Town Takeover came as part of the Lost Treasures event after a series of teasers regarding the hacker surfaced in Kings Canyon. The event trailer revealed that Crypto’s foster sister, Mila, is still alive and that someone is hunting him down. Apex‘s mysterious hacker joined the Apex Games to get revenge and justice for his sister and the news that Mila is still alive could have significant story implications for him.