CLG NiceWigg becomes first player to hit Apex Predator in Apex Legends with controller and mouse and keyboard

The professional player proved he is deadly with both options.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

CLG NiceWigg is the first player to make it to the Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends on two different accounts using both a mouse and keyboard and controller in the same ranked split.

NiceWigg is a professional Apex player for CLG and is known for his incredible skill while using a controller. He recently started to use a mouse and keyboard while playing, which is normally a tough transition for players. NiceWigg found his groove rather quickly and continued to dominate players with ease.

NiceWigg had reached the Apex Predator rank earlier in the season on one of his accounts while using a controller. He decided to see if he could hit the highest rank again, but while using a mouse and keyboard. He received support on his grind to the highest rank and hit Apex Predator on his second account with a couple of weeks left in the season.

Making it to Apex Predator is a huge accomplishment on any platform. This rank is reserved for the top 500 players per platform in the world and requires dedication and perseverance. Hitting the rank twice is an amazing feat, especially in the same ranked split.

NiceWigg thanked other professional players such as Acesu, Monsoon, and Hodsic for their support while he made the switch to mouse and keyboard and that he would not have accomplished his goal without them.