Check out this prestige concept for Apex Legends

Let's figure out what to do with all these Legend Tokens, shall we?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

You’ve ground Apex Legends into the dirt. You’ve hit the level cap of 500. And you’ve come to realize what many before you realized: the game doesn’t reward you much more past this.

Gone are the Apex Packs you can unlock with every couple of levels. Now when you level up, you only receive Legend Tokens, the currency in the game that can only be used to unlock new legends when they release every season and the occasional recolor of a skin in the game’s store. Understandably, for those players that aren’t as interested in the game’s ranked system and its rewards, this system probably feels a bit underwhelming.

While the Apex devs themselves have said they might make some changes to the game’s leveling systems and the rewards you can derive from them at some point in the future, Reddit user warmgoo came up with an idea for a prestige system of their own.

Hitting prestige has long come with rewards in several different games, but it would be a first for Apex Legends. This idea takes the badges you are rewarded for in-game achievements and, by hitting the current level cap of 500, allows you to display more of them than the maximum of three the game currently allows. This idea also suggests being able to display extra stat trackers below the badge section, although it doesn’t visually show how that might fit into the standard Apex banner.

We even get a solution on what to do with all those extra Legend Tokens most players have sitting in their accounts: hitting prestige allows you the option of displaying prestige badges and trackers, but purchasing those extra slots with Legend Tokens actually unlocks them.

While some users expressed concern about “monetizing” the prestige badge and tracker slots in this concept, the structure of the concept solves a lot of problems. Reaching prestige will reset your account level and introduce new rewards for players who like to grind for levels as opposed to a rank. It also provides a purpose for Legend Tokens, which have become ubiquitous and generally purposeless in the game for long stretches of time. It’s nice to always have the Legend Tokens needed to unlock new legends on the day they’re released, but it doesn’t quite make up for seeing 600 more Legend Tokens hit your account when you know you already have hundreds of thousands of them and not much to spend them on.

In the grand scheme of things, this change would be a relatively small one, and the rewards described here aren’t anything too outlandish. But Apex, like many other titles, is a game at least partially about showing off with its skins, badges, trackers and banners displayed for other players to see before a match. What better way to display how much time you’ve put into the game than getting to show off just a little bit more?