Caustic’s ‘Cold Blooded’ Prime Gaming skin available now

Stink up the place and look good while doing it.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ newest Prime Gaming skin is now available and it’s for none other than everyone’s favorite stinky boy, Caustic.

The Cold Blooded skin is the latest in Apex’s long-running exclusive skin line with Twitch and Amazon’s Prime Gaming. It’s free for anyone who links their Amazon Prime account to their Twitch account.

Screengrab via Prime Gaming
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Caustic is the fourth new Prime Gaming skin of 2021, with eight left to go in the calendar year. For those counting at home, that’s one new skin for each month.

Cold Blooded colors Caustic in a pretty sexy blue and red color scheme, adding an especially cool tint to his goggles. It’s a massive win for anyone whose favorite color is blue.

This year’s skins also include Octane’s Adrenaline Affliction, Fuse’s Freedom Fighter, and Wraith’s Queen of Hearts. By year’s end, the majority of the roster will have new skins for Prime gamers.

To claim the newest skin and all future ones, head to Apex’s page on Prime Gaming’s website. This skin will be “available now through May 14,” according to Respawn.