Caustic third-person bug causes bullets to fire off target, Apex dev responds

The Toxic Trapper's gas appears to be the culprit.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The upcoming Apex Legends event is a classy affair that looks to revitalize the mid-season lull. But a few bugs may need to be sorted out before it goes live.

Respawn developer Rayme Vinson responded to a fan’s Reddit post last night, assuring the community that many bug fixes are in the works before the third-person mode goes live in the upcoming Grand Soirée Arcade Event. One of these glitches involves Caustic’s bullets firing completely off target when shooting through gas.

When the player hit the Firing Range to practice third-person mode, they discovered that Caustic’s gas severely impacts his sight traces. Without gas ticking, the cursor accurately portrays where the bullets are being fired. After the Nox Gas Trap is activated, however, the Toxic Trapper’s shots whizz way over the target.

Though the bug is worrying, Vinson explained that it won’t make it to the live servers.

“There’s a *lot* of fixes and improvements in the upcoming [limited-time mode] over what you see in the Firing Range easter-egg today,” the developer said. “One of those is Caustic gas blocking the 3p sight traces.”

Apex fans first stumbled upon the Firing Range Easter egg last month, which allows players to experiment in third-person mode. This also hinted at the feature being incorporated into a live game mode. Yesterday’s reveal of the Grand Soirée event put rumors to rest when a third-person mode was announced.

The limited-time event kicks off Jan. 14 and ends Jan. 28. The third-person mode will only be available between Jan. 18 and 19, with six other game modes rotating in and out.