Bodies are falling from the sky in Apex Legends—and no one knows why

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Halloween event finished months ago, but the terror hasn’t left the game just yet.

Mysterious bodies are dropping out of the sky in World’s Edge and disappearing shortly after reaching the ground. A video on Reddit shows the phenomenon in action.

The video depicts an unknown body falling down in a spot near Sorting Factory. It shows up early in the footage and can be found near the 105-degree mark on the compass. The body always falls into the same spot, according to the Reddit user who made this post. And this isn’t the first time they’ve seen the event, either.

Players reported seeing the anomaly occur in the same place. Another post shows the body wearing white clothes. It could be Crypto, Apex’s new legend.

More sightings date from anywhere between two days to a month ago. Another video shows that the body spawns mid-air and then fades away after plummeting into the ground.

Users commented that falling legends aren’t exclusive to World’s Edge and said that this happened on King’s Canyon as well. Comments allude to a nosediving Bangalore wearing a blue skin.

“It’s very specific, actually,” a user said. “It’s the Blue Bangalore legendary that falls from the sky at the same coordinates every single time per map. Still haven’t figured out why this happens or what purpose it serves. It happens on both maps and seems to be that skin and character only.”

There’s a degree of dissonance regarding what characters are involved in the anomaly. Older reports from five months ago show a Wraith using the Head Trip skin falling in a spot on King’s Canyon. Another user reported seeing a similar occurrence in the same spot, but with a yellow Pathfinder.

It’s unclear what causes bodies to fall out of the sky or whether this is a bug or just a macabre Easter egg. The common ground between all accounts of the phenomenon seems to be the physical location on the map. Sorting Facility could be a hotspot for the anomaly, but it’s hard to tell if there’s a specific trigger for it. For the time being, the mystery continues.