Best Déjà Loot weapon and gear locations at Kings Canyon in Apex Legends

The southeast side of the map is particularly loaded.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ System Override event introduced the limited-time Déjà Loot mode. It offers a different take on a battle royale by demolishing one of the genre’s core premises—its inherent randomness.

Loot will always spawn in the same place in Déjà Loot. This means that if you stumble upon an R-99, you can rush into the exact same spot in the following match and it’ll still be there. Ring patterns and dropship flight paths change once a day and repetition is key. It’s easy to memorize loot spawns and plan rotations ahead of time, and in case of failure, players can jump in and tweak their strategy slightly.

The limited-time mode first landed on World’s Edge but it’s now moved to Kings Canyon until the event ends. The southeastern part of the map seems to get all the action with Hydro, Repulsor, and their surrounding areas. A new map means new spawn locations and we’ve compiled a list of the spots you don’t want to miss.

Hydro Dam (Outskirts): Gold Backpack

Arguably the most valuable item isn’t found in this POI itself. The building east of Hydro contains a gold backpack and a Phoenix Kit closely bundled together, as well as a blue backpack for the rest of your squad and a Precision Choke. Hydro itself houses Wingman pistols and Peacekeepers.

Landing on the north side of the POI allows players to quickly rotate to Wetlands, where there’s a golden helmet, or toward Repulsor, which is next to a golden body shield and contains a myriad of weapons.

Repulsor (Outskirts): Gold Body Shield

As is the case with its neighbor Hydro Dam, Repulsor’s greatest asset isn’t in the POI itself. Players can find a golden shield in the passageway northwest of the area. It’s located in a supply bin close to the Respawn beacon.

There are a few rotation options from there. Players can head south toward the Watchtower/Water Treament, back to Repulsor/Hydro, or find The Cage, which contains assorted gear. If the landing zone is particularly clear, players can try to snag the backpack located in Hydro, but it’s a bit of a walk.

Repulsor itself is a formidable loot location, however. Players can find all sorts of weapons, armor, and hop-ups there, including a Prowler with Selectfire and a Flatline with Anvil Rounds. Players could have some success landing on the gold shield, then moving through Repulsor and looting the building near Hydro for the gold backpack.

Labs: Gold Backpack

The mother of all hot drops, Labs was added as part of the Voidwalker event. Landing here in Déjà Loot’s first day felt like a scene straight out of a post-apocalyptic, dystopian movie. Don’t expect to be the only one there.

You can find a gold backpack inside the POI in the area before the portal. From the regular entrance, take a right and look through the second door on your left. The rest of the facility is crawling with assorted loot, but it may be safer to just run.

Landing at Labs allows you to rotate toward Hydro/Repulsor or move north and gather the items between the POI and Wetlands.

This POI contains invaluable gold items. Diving into the small buildings north of Hydro can provide a golden backpack and barrel stabilizer, as well as R-99s and Spitfires.

Artillery: Gold Helmet

One of Kings Canyon’s flagship landing locations, Artillery used to be loaded with weapons. Déjà Loot doesn’t break that tradition. Players can find a gold helmet in the east building and a true arsenal scattered around the POI.

Weapons and attachments aren’t scarce here and anything from R-301s to a Charge Rifle is fair game. The building to the west contains a purple shield for your survivability needs, while the upper level of the east building (above the gold helmet) has a Peacekeeper and purple shotgun bolt.

Thunderdome: Gold Knockdown Shield

Thunderdome was a high-tier loot location in Kings Canyon and it’s no different in Déjà Loot. Landing in the center of Thunderdome will net players a gold Knockdown Shield, which allows them to self-revive. It’s close to Skull Town, which is crawling with loot—and probably with enemies too.

From here, players can rotate to Airbase/Runoff, Skull Town, or Water Treatment. Since ring patterns change once every day, plan your rotations carefully.

Slum Lakes

This POI was an underappreciated spot during Kings Canyon’s stint in the map pool. In Déjà Loot, it presents a surefire way to get weapons. An R-99, Peacekeeper, and Sentinel lie in the middle of the map, while a purple body shield and R-301 sit slightly to the northeast. The houses on the hill on the north side of the POI house an assortment of weapons.

This article will be updated as we find more noteworthy locations in Déjà Loot.