Apex’s third anniversary will give players Packs for Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie just for logging in

You'll also unlock the legends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

To celebrate its third anniversary, Apex Legends is giving players three thematic Apex Packs for three different legends and a special Legendary Pack at the end. Players who log in between Feb. 8 and March 1 can snag packs for Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie—and players who don’t have the characters unlocked yet will also receive them without the need to drop Legend Tokens or Apex Coins.

These Thematic Packs guarantee new items for specific legends and they can help bolster up players’ collection of cosmetics with a little luck. In addition, the last set of rewards features one Legendary Pack, which guarantees at least one random legendary.

Respawn Entertainment will give out one set of rewards per week, based on the order of release. For the first week, players will receive three packs for Octane, Apex‘s High-Speed Daredevil, between Feb. 8 and 15. The giveaways continue with Wattson between Feb. 15 and 22.

The major prize, however, is Valkyrie, who was released in season nine. In addition to three Thematic Packs for the Winged Avenger, players will also receive a Legendary Pack, guaranteeing at least one gold drop on their rewards.

The celebrations are part of Apex‘s 12th season, Defiance, which will bring Mad Maggie as the next legend, overhaul Olympus as part of a map update, and bring out the nine-vs-nine limited-time mode, Control. Defiance kicks off on Feb. 8.