Apex teaser hints at season 3 trailer tomorrow

Just another 24 hours to go.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A full trailer for Apex Legends’ season three may be scheduled for tomorrow after a new tweet from the battle royale’s official Twitter account has given fans a time to look forward to.

The post shows a glitched image of an aircraft ship, with captions reading “accessing file: New Dawn” and “uploading to database: estimated time…1440 minutes,” which is exactly one day from the tweet’s release.

This time frame would line up with clues included in previous teasers. The PlayApex Twitter account released a series of codes yesterday, one of which featured the numbers “00927_10.” Many fans speculated these numbers stand for Sept. 27 and the usual time frame for teaser releases, 12pm CT.

Earlier in the week, Respawn released a letter from Crypto outlining his plans to board a ship off of Solace, the home of the Apex Games, and travel to a place called New Dawn to find evidence against the Syndicate. It’s unclear where or what New Dawn is, but the second half of the letter suggests it may be on an entirely separate planet.

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The airship revealed in today’s Twitter post may be the ship Crypto was referring to in the letter. If this is the case, then fans may finally learn what or where New Dawn is tomorrow. With five days before season three kicks off, Respawn has yet to release the full trailer for the upcoming season. Given the trailer dates for previous seasons, the Apex developer will likely be launching the official season three trailer soon, so fans can expect more answers in the near future.

Season three launches on Oct. 1. The season will introduce Crypto as a playable character, the Charge Rifle, a new Ranked League series, and more.