Apex Legends reportedly encountering server issues today

When bugs are fixed, other issues surface.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A few days ago, a new Apex Legends patch fixed several bugs linked to the new Heat Shield item and other issues in the popular battle royale. But since then, the game and servers have reportedly been encountering numerous issues.

Over the past few hours, numerous players have reported server crashes and various glitches in their games—some that can prevent them from simply playing the game.

Although server issues have been ongoing since the last patch, reports of issues have exploded today, according to Down Detector and ApexLegendsStatus.com.

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Since 3pm CT, many users have been reporting server crashes, unannounced disconnections for inactivity or network issues, and indefinite loading screens that prevent them from playing Apex.

Another glitch allows players to crash entire servers. This bug came to light thanks to several content creators and Respawn has already started to investigate it.

Despite this spike in server issues, the game hasn't entered a maintenance period and Respawn has yet to address them. The devs reacted to the server crash glitch in a matter of minutes, though. It's unclear if a hotfix will be introduced later to fix more issues.

Meanwhile, the Chaos Theory Collection event joined the game on March 9, bringing new movie-themed skins, an area in Kings Canyon dedicated to Caustic, and missions to unlock exclusive items.

The event will run until March 23, so players don't have much time left to complete the missions and buy or craft the limited-time items.