Apex players make it to the Airship Island in the Firing Range

They did it with a little help from a flying Caustic barrel.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The island behind the Firing Range in Apex Legends can’t be reached through normal means. But two players figured out an unusual, yet effective, way to get there—and all it took was a flying gas trap.

To get across the arena, the two players used both Pathfinder and Caustic. The robot is essential to get around the map and to reach the airship, while the scientist provides the little push they needed.

The squad had to clip through certain spots on the map to reach the rocky area that surrounds the Firing Range, a task that requires a series of well-placed ziplines and grappling hooks. Pathfinder’s ultimate allowed Caustic to keep up and reach a rock that they used as a launch platform.

The players then used a Caustic bug that sends nox barrels shooting up at great speed. Shortly before the gas trap took flight, the Pathfinder grappled onto it and made his way across the enormous gap in the map.

The island doesn’t contain anything special, according to the player. The airship itself isn’t solid, but there’s a little tower to climb onto that has some firing range targets.

Another player reported that Crypto’s drone could make its way into the ship through the bay doors and observe the inside of the ship. It has electronic textures and writing that isn’t in English, according to them.