Apex players launch Gibraltar’s shield with Caustic trap

Gibraltar refuses to be nerfed.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are constantly finding new and unique ways to use tactical and ultimate abilities to gain a competitive advantage and the opportunity to outsmart the enemy. A few players have found a new way to transport Gibraltar’s shield using a Caustic trap, which could possibly provide moving cover when needed.

A player uploaded a clip of them testing the new technique in the battle royale’s Firing Range. One player set down a Caustic trap at their feet, which allowed them to move inside of the trap. They also placed a second trap where the shield needs to be placed. Once the shield was placed on top of the Caustic trap, it immediately launched the shield into the distance. The shield was still active, which means the technique could possibly provide moving cover.

The player also claimed to figure out a way to control the speed of the moving shield with the placement of the Caustic traps. The shield will launch faster if the second trap is closer to the original one, so setting it further away will seemingly slow down the launch speed. The player said it is currently inconsistent, but once the proper positioning is learned it should be easy to control.

Gibraltar’s gun shield was recently nerfed to make the character more balanced, but he is still able to revive teammates quickly inside of his shield. Launching the shield with a Caustic trap might be considered a glitch and eventually removed, but in the meantime, players can use it their advantage.