Apex Legends players are hitting shots so insane they “get you reported”

A new trend involves crazy shots that players claim will get them reported.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After one Apex Legends player hit a Wingman shot that was so insane it “100 percent got me reported,” others in the community have responded with some crazy plays of their own.

In a first-person shooter with such a high skill cap like Apex, players who hit crazy shots from across the map are often met with suspicion. But it doesn’t always mean that these players should be reported. It’s just the kind of play that’s so hard to pull off that an opposing player might report you for cheating.

In one video, the player grabbed a P2020 pistol while firefights could be heard all around them. The player then jumped on a zipline and fired one shot toward an explosion, knocking an unsuspecting enemy down. “For the guy with the long range Wingman shot that definitely got him reported, I raise you this,” they said.

Another fan was scouting on a roof when they saw a player skydive to a distant location in front of them.

Armed with their R-301 assault rifle, the player took one shot and killed their opponent instantly. “Gotta love shots that get you reported,” they said.

In another example, a fan playing as Caustic saw bullets flying out of the smoke and gas in front of them. After one Wingman bullet, the gunfire stopped and the opponent was taken down.

So the next time you get clipped by a pistol from 400 meters out, fight the gut reaction to report the enemy and accept it—they’re probably better than you.