Apex players discover Rampart trick that completely cancels fall stun

Rampart finally has movement tech.

Loba, Rampart, and Wattson from Apex Legends.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have found a way to cancel Rampart’s fall stun by placing an amped cover beneath her just before she hits the ground.

On Nov. 18, a short clip of the fall cancel trick using Rampart’s tactical ability was posted on Reddit.

While it looks easy, the trick involves precise timing that even the player in the clip hasn’t mastered yet. To do this fall stun cancel trick, you need to crouch mid-air while holding the forward key. Then, just before hitting the ground, place an amped cover under your feet while still crouching. According to the player, this should result in Rampart sliding off the cover and negating fall stun.

Fall stun in Apex is a pretty big deal as it slows down the character after landing from a high place. In a game where movement is so important, slowing down can easily lead to you being downed or even worse, killed.

Octane and Pathfinder are legends that both benefit from players who know how to manipulate their movement. As such, these kinds of characters are considered “movement legends.” Rampart, on the other hand, isn’t a movement legend because she heavily relies on her shields to amp up her damage as well as her ultimate. This means she generally holds an angle and stays stationary.

With that being said, this trick is still pretty useful for players who want to optimize Rampart. The discovery of this trick further expands Rampart’s movement options, making her feel a little more fluid and slippery.


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