Apex players discover a bug with Gibraltar’s Gun Shield

The shield isn't working properly.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The third season of Apex Legends has introduced a lot of changes—and some bugs. A player who claims to have won more than 200 games with Gibraltar discovered a bug with the legend’s Gun Shield yesterday.

When the Gun Shield is broken, it reappears when the player aims down sights again, making them think that they’re still protected by it. But in reality, since the shield is broken, the player will take all the damage and may die.

Players can notice that the shield is broken by looking at their health, which is displayed on Gibraltar’s arm. But in the heat of battle, it’s still hard to see and can lead to misplays or a lost gunfight.

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Additionally, Gibraltar is a character that’s hard to play in Apex because his hitbox is the biggest of all legends, making him the easiest one to target. This bug won’t help him get picked more often, either.

This bug has been happening since the beginning of season three, according to the player who posted the video on Reddit. Now that this player has shed light on the issue, Respawn might correct it in an upcoming patch.