Apex players compile all the hidden character hints in previous teasers

From Octane to Loba, the new legends were teased at some point.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Respawn teased Crypto even before Apex Legends’ first season started—and that’s far from the only hidden hint in the game.

Two Apex players compiled a list of all the hidden information in previous teasers and seemingly-unimportant pieces of lore. Elements like character bios and newspaper clippings concealed bits about legends and even the map change to World’s Edge.

The first two teasers came on Apex’s launch. A cutscene with Titanfall’s Kuben Blisk shows a newspaper page that may have given information on the first two legends to join the fray. A fictional article titled “Challengers rush to be the next Apex Legend” mentions two names that would quickly become familiar: Octavio Silva and Natalie Paquette—or, as they’re known in the arena, Octane and Wattson.

Another reveal was hidden in plain sight as soon as the game launched. Pathfinder’s official wallpaper shows early concept art for Crypto in the background. The legend made his way to Apex in its third season.

Fans also got a taste of the upcoming shift to World’s Edge two seasons before it took place. Bangalore’s backstory makes a brief mention of Talos, the planet that houses Apex’s second map. The bio also mentions a man claiming to be Heinrich Hammond, the founder of Hammond Robotics.

The fictional company’s growing interest in Talos’ mineral resources played a significant role in the build-up to season four. Hammond Robotics also set the Planet Harvester on World’s Edge during Apex’s fourth season and deeply changed the landscape on the planet.

Forge was announced as the season four legend, but fans suspected that he would eventually give way to Revenant. EA’s official website reinforced that idea after a player found Revenant’s silhouette hidden in the background image on the web page.

The final teaser refers to the upcoming legend known as Loba. Although Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed her existence, data miners revealed her skill set and Revenant’s cinematic likely introduced her to the public.

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Apex’s Twitter page posted bits of communication between Hammond Robotics’ Cherym Amacci and Syndicate member Jacob Young. The email exchange mentions Psamathe, and more specifically, “Ol—.” Despite the interruption, it’s clear that the pair was referring to Olympus, the last known location of Marcos Andrade—and his daughter’s possible whereabouts.

The same communication also mentions the Commissioner, a likely reference to Titanfall’s Kuben Blisk. The character was teased by data miners and players speculate he’ll join the Apex Games in the future.