Apex players are reporting issues with the shield after they’re revived

Stay safe in the storm.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The new season of Apex Legends has brought a lot of new issues, and one of the biggest are inconsistencies with the shield once players are revived in the storm. 

Occasionally, players will experience the supposed bug that causes the player to lose all shield if they are downed inside of the storm and then revived by a teammate. Usually, the storm slowly drains the health points from a character, not the shield. 

This bug is relatively game-breaking. If players are rotating out of the storm, they will have to waste all shield cells in order to replenish the shield bar. 

Others are not so lucky. One player was downed from an enemy team after they left the storm. Since the bug was in action, the player had little time to replenish their shields or get to cover, resulting in their elimination. 

Some players have suggested several causes of the bug. One suggested that it is not a bug at all, even if it is inconsistent. Another suggested it’s caused by the Golden backpack ability. But the player did not earn their health back either. 

Nonetheless, if this is a bug, it will most likely be patched soon considering its severity. For now, players can remove their armor and put it back on after they enter the safe zone as a work-around.