Apex player uses Rampart’s Sheila to mow down enemy team in Arenas match

They never saw it coming.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player recently pulled off an incredible play with Rampart by using her minigun, Shiela, to take down an enemy team and win an Arenas match. 

The player and their teammates were in an intense Arenas match and needed one more round to win the game. The enemy team held the high ground on a building and was distracted by the player’s teammates while they snuck around them. 

Once the player was on top of a building behind the enemy team, they deployed their Amped Cover and placed Rampart’s Minigun, affectionately known as Sheila, aimed at the unsuspecting enemies. The player unleashed dozens of rounds in seconds and the enemy team had no idea where the fire was coming from, so they couldn’t escape. The player quickly killed the entire team and won the match for their team. 

One of the best parts of the clip is Rampart’s voice line celebrating the victory, which perfectly matches the mood and result. Arenas is a challenging game mode to win and is intense when players reach sudden death. But this Rampart player used their abilities to their full potential and devastated the enemy team.

The player’s teammates also deserve an honorable mention since they distracted the enemies and allowed Rampart to flank them, which bought enough time to pull of the incredible play. The next time you encounter an enemy Rampart in Arenas, make sure to avoid letting them get behind you.