Apex player uses Lifeline’s care package to trap an enemy team in the storm

Always have a backup plan.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline can do more than heal her teammates. One Apex Legends player used her care package to block a doorway and trap an enemy team in the storm to win a match earlier today. 

The Lifeline player and their teammates were up against the two last teams in one of the final circles of a match. One enemy team was holding their position inside of a building and shooting at the player and their team. They noticed the next circle was going to force the team out of the building, so they decided to use their care package creatively. 

Lifeline’s care package contains useful items for her teammates, such as armor or Med Kits. But the device can also be used as cover. The player decided to drop their care package in front of the doorway to the building, which was the only way out once the storm closed further. 

The player retreated to their teammates and helped them eliminate the other enemy team outside of the building. There were now only two teams left and the player knew the last squad had no chance of escape. 

They returned to the doorway blocked by their care package to watch the enemies try to escape as the storm closed. An enemy Caustic player dropped a gas canister to try to damage the player, but it wasn’t enough. The team watched as their enemies died in the gas and easily won the match. 

Other Lifeline players expressed how they dream of this scenario but never have an opportunity to trap a team. Apex players should be wary of Lifeline and her care package moving forward because it can clearly do a lot more than help her team.