Apex player shows how to barricade rooms with Wattson’s fences

Learn how to make an impenetrable barrier as the Static Defender.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wattson’s resourcefulness is her biggest weapon in Apex Legends. She can build fences that shock any enemy that passes through and her defense-oriented kit gives her an edge when holding positions. One Apex player recently compiled some of the best ways to set up her electrified gadgets and cause as much damage to enemies as possible.


One of the tactics listed is called “three bow ties” and involves placing the nodes in three X-like shapes. A wide X should be set down first, and two smaller interloped Xs should be placed near its center to group as many fences as possible. 

Some patterns, like the rectangular spiral have a tight, meticulous spread. On the other hand, patterns like the eloquently-named “random blob” can seem to be placed at random. There is a method to the madness: The common denominator between the different shapes is concentrating fences in the middle of a room while denying access around it, forcing enemies to pass through a multitude of nodes.

The patterns listed are more intricate than simply placing fences in front of doors, which can be bypassed by mobile characters such as Pathfinder and Octane, or through Wraith’s phasing. 

“These methods are to help fill the room and not give your opponents a safe place to stand,” the player said on Reddit. “Should an enemy happen to enter a filled room, they would be destroyed instantly due to the slowing effect of the fences combined with the squad among the fences firing at them.”

Wattson’s ultimate creates a pylon that restores shields and intercepts ordnances and synergizes well with the defense that an intricate web of fences provides. The generator also speeds up the recharge time between placing nodes and allows players to barricade themselves more quickly. In a pinch, the generator itself can also be used as cover.