Apex player sets up Rampart’s Sheila in front of a door and mows down 3 enemies

Knock, knock.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player gave a new meaning to knock-knock jokes.

A Rampart player managed to take out three enemies using their Sheila ultimate, posting a video of their achievement earlier today.

The player lost an ally inside of a Kings Canyon structure when the opposing team grouped up to finish them off. With the enemy squad holing themselves inside of a building, the Rampart player had no choice but to huff and puff and blow the door down.

By setting up an Amped Cover, the Rampart player had some protection from enemy fire. They then pulled out Sheila, broke the door down, and instantly took out an unsuspecting Pathfinder. The last two enemies tried to shoot through the shield in hopes of making a hero play. But Sheila proved to be too powerful, quickly disposing of both aggressors and handing three kills over to the Rampart.

Apex‘s Chaos Theory patch gave Rampart a slight buff in March, removing any bonus damage explosives deal to Amped Cover and Sheila. Despite the help, Rampart continues to be an unpopular and underwhelming legend. Data from the last seven days puts Rampart at a 1.2-percent pick rate, according to Apex Legends Tracker. But those numbers are unofficial and haven’t been confirmed by Respawn.