Apex player kills entire squad with their fists and an Arc-Star

And without taking any damage.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends puts an entire arsenal at players’ disposal. But sometimes, well-placed melee attacks can be just as lethal as weapons.

A Wraith player took out an entire squad using only their fists and an Arc-Star last night without taking any damage.

The player landed on Skyhook alongside several other competitors and immediately found two members of an enemy squad upon entering the building. The legends were unarmed and Wraith beat an enemy Bangalore in a fistfight.

After clearing a target, the player slid down on the rope to the level below, where he promptly kicked an enemy Wattson who intended to latch onto the rope. The knockback sent the opponent reeling back into the building.

The player dropped all the way back to the first floor for some respite and to arm up but only found an Arc-Star. Taking advantage of a smoke grenade Bangalore dropped before being knocked down, Wraith hit an Arc-Star on the enemy Wattson, draining most of her health.

Wraith swooped in to confirm the kill with a single punch and found the remaining member of the squad armed with a G7 Scout. The player dodged the shots and ultimately knocked down the final player on the squad, confirming all three kills without taking damage.

The buildings in Skyhook have jump ropes for elevators and players can use them to climb up or slide down and reach other floors. The player used an advanced movement technique that allowed him to jump and latch onto the rope instead of following its predictable preset path. To replicate the practice, it’s necessary to hit the interact and jump buttons at the same time.