Apex player gets kill by bouncing grenade off Octane’s jump pad

The Oc-train found his match.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Characters aren’t the only ones that can use jump pads in Apex Legends. An Apex player killed one of his enemies last night by sending a Thermite Grenade flying through World’s Edge—with a little help from Octane’s ultimate.

The video shows a pursuit that almost went awry. The player, a Lifeline, was the only character remaining on the squad and chased an enemy Octane. Both characters appeared to have little ammo since it was at the beginning of the match.

The player landed most shots on the enemy, leaving their opponent low on health. Octane took advantage of his kit to make a quick getaway and used a jump pad to open a gap between the two. The Lifeline was out of ammo and resorted to throwing a Thermite Grenade.

The ordnance bounced cleanly off the jump pad and accelerated toward the Octane like a homing, explosive care package. The grenade detonated on the roof of a nearby building—precisely where Octane landed. Lifeline jumped onto the landing pad, continuing the chase to ensure the opponent was dead. It only took three ticks to confirm the kill.

The player admitted that they “couldn’t believe the grenade bounced,” so they followed the explosive “to see it happen.” Although they landed in the fire and took some damage, it was worth it to witness the rare occurrence.

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Landing a grenade through a jump pad can be particularly tricky. It likely requires a specific timing on the throw and opponents might be able to outrun the explosives’ blast radius. Nevertheless, this isn’t stopping Octane players from attempting to replicate the play. “This clip just makes me happy to be an Octane main because now I know I have a completely useless ability that I will still try to use,” a Reddit user commented.