Apex player fights off 6 enemies in clutch play

He killed six rivals while his teammates were downed.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If fighting one enemy can be challenging, imagine gunning down six of them on your own.

An Apex Legends player took down six enemies while his teammates were incapacitated and won the match despite being outnumbered and outgunned. His dual R-99s and astute looting helped him take the victory. The player shared a video of the effort on Reddit earlier today.

The ring was closing on Capitol City. Both of the player’s teammates were downed. He started the engagement by ambushing an unsuspecting squad who had just dropped off a Wraith portal. His positioning allowed him to fire at two enemies before being noticed and he cleared the entire squad after a near-death experience.

He attempted to revive one of his teammates using Lifeline’s shield for cover, but an enemy managed to fire past the shield and negate the revive. He retreated and healed to full health. Before moving back into the ring, he ambushed an enemy sniper and raced to safety.

The next firefight ensued in the buildings in Capitol City. He downed another two enemies. The final competitor nearly took him down while healing, but he was able to revert the disadvantage by using cover and the death boxes in the building to pick up new pieces of armor. He killed the remaining enemy and was crowned the Apex champion.

The comments on the post heap praise on the player, but some Reddit users criticized the clutch. A user commented that they should have tried to revive the squad before looting the arena. The player defended himself.

“They were giving me callouts of the enemies and told me not to go for rez’s as they were out in the open,” the player said. “So I took the opportunity to grab gold shields and backpack and then made the effort to Rez my friends after that.”

Even though the attempt at reviving was fruitless, they still snagged the victory.