Apex player creates concept for new support legend

What are your thoughts on this legend?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A creative Apex Legends player recently designed a concept for a new support legend focused on healing and supporting their team. 

Apex player CrazyGuyWithAOwlMask posted the concept to Reddit, laying out each ability for the made-up support legend. A tactical ability called Re-energize would allow the legend to aim at a teammate and instantly give them 25 shield. This would cost one shield cell and have a six-second cooldown. 

The passive ability would be called Repair Mana and allow players to reactivate respawn beacons and revive and respawn teammates 15 percent faster. The Sharing Is Caring ultimate ability would cause 75 percent of the healing they receive to also be given to their teammates for a 20-second period. The tactical ability wouldn’t be able to be used simultaneously, though. 

While most players agreed that these imaginary abilities need a slight rework or adjustment, most were impressed with the overall concepts. One player suggested allowing the legend to heal past the 100-percent limit and build a buffer that slowly disappears over time. This would function similarly to Doc in Rainbow Six Siege and would make the ultimate slightly more effective in the late game. 

Other players expressed how this would be annoying to play against, especially if an enemy received a boost of health in the middle of a gunfight. But good ideas can always be tweaked and turned into something better. 

This concept likely won’t appear in Apex anytime soon, but the community always appreciates creative ideas. These concepts might even get the developer’s creative juices flowing and inspire a well-balanced character in the future.