Apex player climbs to the top of Train Yard without Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun

One of the most strategic spots on World's Edge can be reached by everyone.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

More secrets about Apex Legends’ newest map, World’s Edge, are still being discovered.

A Reddit user found a way to reach the top of Train Yard without using Pathfinder’s ultimate ability yesterday. This is a strategic location that’s very effective because of the train that comes beneath it.

This climbing path allows players to get to this popular spot even when they don’t play as Pathfinder. It’s obviously easier to get to this location with Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun, but it’s still possible even if you aren’t playing as that legend. If you climb up the metal structure in the specific way shown in the video, you’ll be able to reach this vantage point.

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But it’s a big risk to take. You have to be sure that no one else is around because it’ll be difficult to run if you’re targeted by opponents—unless you get lucky timing with a train passing by.

In addition to easy access to the train, which can carry opponents or loot, the Train Yard high spot is a strong location because it offers elevation. Securing a height advantage is one of the best ways to win trades against your enemies in Apex.