Apex player bounces to death with Pathfinder zip line outplay

When movement tech goes wrong.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Movement is one of the most important parts of Apex Legends, the straw that stirs the game’s drink. Movement techniques can often be the difference between winning and losing a fight in the Outlands. 

And then there’s this Pathfinder, who seems much more content just showing off the battle royale’s movement tech without any of the fighting.

Reddit user RoxGoupil ran into this particular zip line aficionado in the central building in Fragment East on World’s Edge, and let’s just say that they’ve probably watched a few Faide videos in their day.

For those who don’t know, attaching to zip lines in Apex gives characters a momentary burst of acceleration towards the zip line itself. This happens no matter what direction the character is moving before attaching. This Pathfinder took advantage of that fact by setting up multiple parallel zip lines next to each other, then continually jumping off one line and attaching to another. This allows them, essentially, to strafe back and forth faster than any character can move.

It all makes the Pathfinder next to impossible to hit, but there is a fatal flaw in the plan, of course: it’s basically impossible to aim and shoot while doing this, too. If you do it continuously, there’s no time to fire back at enemies. Rox manages to tag the bouncing Pathfinder a few times and then the Ring does the rest of the damage.

This strategy probably isn’t the best way to go about things if you’re looking to actually win games, or even, you know, win a fight. But it does let players show off a little bit. May this Pathfinder grapple and zip line his way into the great beyond.