Apex Legends season 4 trailer coming later today

The last trailer was mysterious, but the next one may answer all questions.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends season four trailer will be revealed today, Respawn announced yesterday. The trailer is set to become available to watch at 12pm CT. It’s already on YouTube, but it can’t be watched yet.

Is Forge really dead? Why did the mysterious character Revenant kill him on TV? All of these questions will be soon answered, five days ahead of the upcoming season.

In the last trailer revealed a few days ago, Forge, announced as the next legend to join Apex, was killed by the mysterious antagonist Revenant during an interview with journalist Lisa Stone.

There’s no official information about who will actually join the game in a few days since the fictional TV channel Outlands Television pronounced Forge dead and his status was consequently updated on the game’s official website. Some users have even joked about Stone coming to the game instead of Forge or Revenant.

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Contrary to Pathfinder, who’s a robot, Revenant hosts the soul of a dead soldier. Respawn has dropped clues here and there to let the community debate on the characters and their background. Some elements also refer to the previous Titanfall game, which took place in the same universe as the battle royale.

Apex Legends season four will launch on Feb. 4. It will introduce a new competitive division, a new sniper called Sentinel, and new missions to complete to earn Battle Pass levels and rewards.