Apex Legends players will be able to turn off auto-switching for weapons soon

Other features related to sensitivity will come in a future update as well.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will soon be able to choose when they want the game to switch their weapons automatically, Respawn developers have confirmed.

One of the game developers mentioned on Reddit that an option to turn off auto-switch weapons is coming soon. This feature is also listed in the Apex Tracker on Trello in the column of upcoming “Quality of Life Features.”

Players are forced to have this feature on in the game’s current version. Whenever they pick up a new weapon, their character switches guns to the new one, and the same happens when they run out of ammo.

Some players have complained about this mechanic. One fan said it’s an “unnecessary mechanic that gets me killed too many times to count.” Whenever players switch weapons, there’s a brief moment when they can’t shoot, which leaves them vulnerable to another player who’s already firing at them.

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Other features confirmed for future release are the auto-sprint option for console players and a sensitivity slider for every optic zoom level for weapons with high zoom levels. Players can only change their sensitivity for hip fire and scope in general right now, which applies to all levels regardless of the weapon or type of aim.

Even though these changes are confirmed, Respawn has yet to announce the next Apex update. These usually come between Tuesday and Thursday every 15 days or so, which means players can expect them to be live in the game as early as this week.

Respawn also said that a fix is coming for the respawn beacon bug. The issue that’s making players respawn in the wrong area should be fixed in a future patch.