Apex Legends players are creating a mod that adds building mechanics to the game

You can't crank 90s yet, but you can build cover.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Talented Apex Legends players are working on a mod that adds a building mechanic to the game, allowing players to build obstacles around the map.

Apex is known for its fast-paced gameplay and cast of exciting characters with unique abilities. It doesn’t include a building mechanic at this time, but a new mod adds the entertaining feature. 

As reported by Dexerto, YouTuber Skepation uploaded a video showing the mod in action. They could place a horizontal and vertical metal object, creating a new building with ease. Skeptation showed a custom tower they built with the tool, allowing players to place the prop, change the snap size, rotate, and raise or lower the object. This does allow for ramps and other unique objects to be built, but it’s still fairly limited. 

Apex players on the R5Reloaded server have worked hard at implementing the new feature, which currently only supports two buildable items. But they have plans of adding 1,300 objects, potentially allowing players to build incredible structures and designs.

While the building system does seem similar to Fortnite’s building mechanics at first glance, Skeptation clarified that it’s more of a map editing tool. Players will unlikely build at the hectic pace often seen in Fortnite, but they can create new structures around the map. The building mechanic would also likely be unbalanced and ruin the Apex meta. But it’d still be an entertaining feature. 

This feature will unlikely appear in the official game, but downloading the mod might be worth it if you need to scratch your creative itch.