Apex Legends players experiencing hit registration bugs

Your aim may not be so bad after all.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you’ve sprayed an entire R-99 magazine into an enemy’s chest and they still survived, they may not necessarily be a hacker. Apex Legends players complained about issues with hit registration, as evidenced by a video posted on Reddit yesterday.

The video shows a Wraith ambushing a two-man squad in World’s Edge. The first enemy was downed without any issue. But after turning a corner, the player saw a Bangalore lurking around the corner and emptied a clip into her.

Most of the shots hit their marks, complete with all the indicators of a successful hit: the armor-shattering sound and a blood splatter coming from the enemy. But the game didn’t seem to register any of them as successful shots. The clip doesn’t present Apex’s connectivity issues indicators.

Other players also experienced the same issues.

“It’s something with heavy bullets that just doesn’t work well in this game,” a user said. “First time seeing it on prowler. Definitely had same experience with Wingman and Hemlok.”

Other players replied that the same thing can happen with light weapons, such as the R-99 and the G7 Scout.

Complaints about hit registration and server lag go back months. In May, Respawn pushed a patch that would “eliminate many cases of incorrect hit registration.” Shortly after that update, players still faced incorrect hit marking, as shown by a fan video.

A Reddit post attributes the issues to the game’s net code, which causes a variety of bugs, including players getting shot cleanly through closed doors, around corners, and bullets visually going through enemies.  

Hit registration bugs are just one of many problems that Respawn is juggling. A patch accidentally made the Peacekeeper shotgun overpowered and the studio nerfed it without reverting the previous changes. The silent introduction of a skill-based matchmaking system also drew complaints from sections of the fan base.