Apex Legends players are experiencing a name glitch when entering the Firing Range

Don't be alarmed if a different name appears.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Fight Night event went live earlier today and introduced a new game type, Pathfinder’s Town Takeover in Olympus, and several new cosmetics for players to purchase or unlock. But the update also seems to have introduced a new bug that changes players’ names when entering the Firing Range. 

A player posted a screengrab of their name in the Firing Range today that didn't match their normal name. The player’s name changed to “Nuclear cocksucker,” despite their actual gamertag being PanzerPeet. The player didn't change their name and confirmed their regular name normally appeared in traditional modes. 

Other players reported the same issue when they entered the Firing Range, causing many to suspect their account was hacked. But the bug only occurs in the Firing Range and doesn't mean that your account has been compromised. 

The glitch doesn't occur every time players enter the Firing Range and it's unclear what causes the bug to occur. This shouldn't impact gameplay for players since their name appears normally in public game modes. 

It doesn't seem like the latest Apex update has caused any significant issues aside from this name glitch. Other players have reported an odd Wraith drop animation, but the problem was resolved after a few seconds. 

Respawn hasn't commented on the name glitch, but it will likely be fixed in a future update if it becomes a widespread issue.