Apex Legends player uses Lifeline’s buffed revive to outsmart enemy team

Lifeline can do more than heal you.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player used Lifeline’s updated revive ability to eliminate a full team and to save their teammates earlier today.

The Lifeline player was attempting to revive their teammate while an enemy team pushed their position. They managed to get their teammate back up and knocked down an enemy player, but the other two opponents were still applying pressure. Their teammate was knocked down again and the player was forced to retreat.  

The player pushed forward after reloading and deployed their D.O.C Drone to revive their teammate again. They used the shield as protection while they threw an Arc Star and Thermite Grenade at the enemies, which did massive damage. They were unable to revive their teammate, but the protection allowed them to down another enemy. 

Their last teammate was down nearby, so the player moved to their position. The final enemy pushed them while they were rotating to their other teammate and almost killed them, but the player deployed their drone at the perfect time. The shield provided enough protection for the player to kill the last enemy and revive their teammate.

Lifeline recently received an update that allows her drone to revive downed players by itself. The drone deploys a shield that she can use as protection and to protect her teammate until they’re revived. Previously, a shield would deploy when Lifeline tried to revive players, but she was unable to move around and protect them. 

Some Apex players weren’t happy with the change, but this clip shows how useful and powerful Lifeline’s buff can be.