Apex Legends player shows how to throw grenades through closed doors

It's unclear whether this trick is an intended interaction or an exploit.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player demonstrated today how to throw grenades under doors.

Reddit user OurSocialStatus shared the demonstration to Reddit in the form of a video. As Wraith, they run up to the door of a building in the Gardens point-of-interest on Olympus. After taking careful aim, they throw an arc star through a small, roughly triangular open space at the bottom-right part of the door. The arc star lands inside the building, destroying the door, and tagging the other Wraith who was hiding out in the building.

OurSocialStatus noted this can be done with any grenade, including the larger thermites. Other players responded in the comments and were divided between whether the trick was legitimate or an exploit. Even if it is legitimate, some believe that it’s abusable and shouldn’t be possible. It’s not clear whether the developers intended for this to be a possible interaction, but players are definitely taking advantage of it.

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If it is in fact an exploit, it’s possible Respawn may remove the trick in a future patch. For now, however, players can continue using it in their casual and ranked games before split one ends on Sept. 28.