Apex Legends player sacrifices themselves to get teammates to safety

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player sacrificed themselves earlier today to get their team to safety by using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift. The player died but their sacrifice allowed their team to win the game. 

The player and their teammates were up against the final squad in the last few minutes of a match. They encountered the enemy team who opened fire, so they were forced to use a large wall as cover. The team was safe from the immediate threat, but they soon realized they could be stuck in the storm if the circle closed on the opposite side of the wall. 

The team assumed they were out of luck since they couldn’t travel through the storm to safety without dying. The player decided to use Wraith’s portal to attempt to transport their team through the storm and into the final circle. It was a long distance, however, and the player knew they likely wouldn’t survive the trip. 

This didn’t bother the player and they decided to sacrifice themselves to save their teammates. They managed to get their portal close enough to the circle but were downed inside the storm and eventually died. The player’s teammates quickly entered the portal ready for a fight.  

The player’s teammates engaged in a close firefight with the final enemy team and managed to eliminate them. The team won the match because of the Wraith player’s sacrifice, which made it worth it in the end. 

All players agreed it was a noble play and praised the player for putting their teammates first. It ultimately won them the game, which shows how important teamwork is in Apex