Apex Legends player makes a montage out of taking out Twitch streamers

One streamer put a bounty on the heads of all TTV players.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

What do you call a streamer who makes a video taking out other streamers? A paradox.

In a cosmic display of irony, Twitch streamer Stooj posted a montage on Reddit yesterday in which he takes vengeance on his own kind—other streamers.

With DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” as a backdrop, Stooj’s montage shows clip after clip of insane gameplay as he takes out TTVs, streamers who put the word “TTV” in their gamertag so players can look their channel up. TTVs within Apex are often judged because of their bad reputation for playing recklessly and venturing off on their own to provide an entertaining stream.

The Pathfinder main who boasts over 23,000 kills on PC replayed each of his kills from the streamers’ perspectives to showcase their dumbfounded and awestruck reactions. These reactions include palms to the forehead, raging, immediately quitting out, and the occasional insult: “What a fucking sweat bro.”

Some Apex players commented on the post, citing the irony in posting a video targeting TTVs when Stooj is one himself.

“This post is like, ‘hey watch me kill streamers and be mad at me, oh and btw i have a streaming channel,’” one person said.

To watch Stooj take out more TTVs, tune in to his Twitch channel where he streams six days a week.