Apex Legends player floats in air after disconnecting from match

You might find an easy kill in the air in your next match.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season five of Apex Legends, “Fortune’s Favor,” introduced a lot of new content. One of the updates is a reconnect option that allows players to return to their match if they disconnect unexpectedly, but there’s an unexpected side effect: Players who disconnect while dropping into the match will float in the air until they return.

A player recently uploaded a clip of their teammate hovering in the air with the disconnect symbol by their name.

The player disconnected while they were dropping at the beginning of the match and were stuck in a falling animation. The floating player’s teammates tried to shoot their ally out of the air, but nothing they did helped bring them to the ground.

When a player disconnects from a match, their character stays in the same state and location for a brief period. The player will pick up where they left off if they rejoin in time or they will be removed from the match. It seems that this applies even when a character is in the air which results in teams having one player hovering until the player comes back or abandons the match.

Other players confirmed the same situation happening to them in their matches while others claim the characters still drop to the ground if a player disconnects. Some players claim the reconnect feature is not working for them in general, so there might be a few bugs involving the new mechanic.