Apex Legends player executes ‘Matrix’ impression with insane bullet dodges

There is no spoon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When it comes to a virtual world, there’s perhaps no better character to be than Neo, the protagonist of The Matrix trilogy. One Apex Legends player fully channeled The One in his ranked game, escaping near doom with a clutch getaway play.

The player, who was on Wattson, was running across open terrain before being ambushed by an enemy squad. On a character with no mobility skills and with no easy escape in sight, the player turned into a tunnel in a desperate gambit to distance themselves from their bloodthirsty opponents.

Having been brought down to just a sliver of health, the player would die from one bullet. In a miraculous turn of events, Wattson turned into the straight tunnel, tuned into her inner Neo, and began some impressive evasive maneuvers.

More than 20 bullets whizzed past the player, with the smoke trails reminiscent of the iconic visual effect from The Matrix trilogy. Against all odds, Wattson managed to make it out of the tunnel into safety.

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In addition, the player clarified in a comment that his squad went on to win the match. After all, channeling the spirit of Neo in a virtual world will likely guarantee a victory for The One.