Apex Legends player discovers useful trick with Wraith’s portals

Revive in peace with this useful technique.

Apex Legends trick
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Reviving a teammate in Apex Legends is always a risk, especially in a firefight. It leaves you incredible open to enemies simply rushing at you and shooting you while you try to get your teammate back up. One player, however, has discovered a nifty way to stay safe while also reviving your friends.

Downed players have always been able to use Wraith’s portals while in a fallen state. It has helped many people in tight situations since a teammate can simply portal away to a hidden spot and then the downed player can hop in and zip away to safety. Unfortunately, this still isn’t foolproof because enemy players can simply follow you through the portal and find you reviving on the other side.

This useful trick has the downed player wait for their Wraith teammate to open up a portal. Instead of jumping in right away, they’ll wait for the Wraith to jump back to them. A bit of timing is needed, though, since the Wraith player must begin resuscitating their downed friend right when they enter the portal.

The result has the two teammates jump in the portal together, and the downed player is revived while traveling. Both teammates will be invulnerable as well. When they end up on the other side, they’ll only need to wait half as long for the revive timer to pop. It’s an interesting technique that could help you survive a fight and pick up teammates without having to worry about getting shot in the back.

The only thing that people are now curious about is what will happen if the teammate doing the reviving fails to hold down the revive button. Will they jump back to the portal entrance? Further testing is needed, but for now, this little trick could help make or break one of your Apex matches.