Apex Legends player creates impressive video showcasing potential Crypto buffs

Instead of screaming into the void, this fan created an incredible video.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player uploaded a short video explaining how Crypto can be buffed with adjustments to his drone and passive ability. 

Crypto is an interesting character in Apex Legends but is often overlooked for more viable choices. Despite his drawbacks, many players are still fans of the hacker and hope to see him receive much-needed buffs in the future. One player decided to take the buffs into their own hands and released an impressive short video explaining their suggested changes, however. 

Apex Legends player idiroon uploaded a short clip explaining their recommended changes to Crypto’s Surveillance Drone and Neurolink passive ability. They suggest adding three “auto modes,” which perform tasks without requiring a player to manually control the drone. The first suggested auto mode is a Lead Mode, which enables the drone to follow Crypto. The drone will scan for nearby enemies as the team moves around the map. 

The second mode is Patrol Mode and allows the drone to fly around the player in a circle, alerting them to any incoming teams. This would be an excellent defense against third parties, warning players before they are ambushed. This mode and the Lead Mode cannot be activated indoors as they need vertical clearance to work. The last suggested mode is a Scout Mode, which allows the drone to be sent in a specific direction to scan for enemies. 

Idiroon also suggests a battery system to prevent the abilities from being overpowered or abused. The battery will drain whenever the drone moves, whether manually controlled or in an auto mode. The drone will charge when recalled, allowing players to reuse it after a short cool-down period. 

The video also includes a suggestion to replace Crypto’s Neurolink ability as allowing Crypto and his teammates to see what his drone sees is not very effective.  Most recon legends can already provide the same information. Instead, Crypto should have an “Off the Grid” ability, which prevents him from being highlighted by scans while in drone view. Enemies will still see glitchy visual hints but will not see the hacker’s specific location. 

According to the player, Crypto’s Drone EMP ultimate ability is fine the way it is and does not need further changes. 
Players have responded positively to these suggested changes, although they are unlikely to appear in the game anytime soon. However, Apex Legends receives consistent updates, and the developers may take inspiration from these fan-suggested buffs.