Apex Legends player claims they’re the first to reach 200,000 kills

How many hours did that take?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

After endless hours of grinding kills in Apex Legends, one player has claimed to be the first to reach 200,000 kills on one character.

Abusing_r2, an Apex streamer and Mirage main, posted about their achievement earlier this week. They shared a screengrab of their Mirage banner that showed the perfect number alongside a whopping 240,082 headshots and 47,557,352 total damage done. Abusing_r2 reached the achievement on console. “First person to hit 200k on one legend,” they said in the tweet. “Thank you @PlayApex for changing my life.”

The post attracted a variety of responses. One player posted a screengrab of a death recap where Abusing_r2 was the killer, saying, “[I’m] one in that 200k.” Others commended Abusing_r2 for being a good player and a good person, while even more said that it was great to see a Mirage player reach that 200,000 threshold first. Mirage isn’t one of the game’s more popular legends at the moment, so it’s good to see that at least some players are still using him.

Another popular sentiment was expressing how long Abusing_r2 has played the game. “200k is impressive as hell but how are you not sick of playing,” one commenter asked.

The milestone is certainly an incredible achievement, but it also probably took a significant amount of time on Abusing_r2’s part. Is it still worth it just to see that perfect round number and to be the first person to make it to that level, though? We think so.