Apex Legends player bounces final enemy off the map with a grenade

Avoid grenades in elevated positions.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player pulled off an impressive play to win a game, knocking the final enemy off the map with a grenade. 

Frag grenades in Apex are an excellent way to damage enemies and soften them up before advancing. They can also force enemies out of a hiding position since they have to move to avoid the blast. But one Apex player used a grenade to knock an enemy off the map, which isn’t a traditional tactic but still effective. 

An Apex player and their team were fighting the final enemy, who was holding an elevated position toward the edge of the map. The player had an excellent view of the surrounding area and could hold the team off from a distance. 

Instead of fighting the enemy directly, the player in the clip decided to use a frag grenade to try and knock the opponent off the map. After perfectly lining up the throw, the last team watched as the final enemy flew off the map thanks to the grenade. The enemy couldn’t avoid the blast and helplessly fell to their death without any hope of survival. 

The final enemy was in a three-vs-one situation and their chance of winning was already low. But this grenade play likely felt worse than dying in a traditional gunfight. Players who think about holding an elevated position near the edge of the map should consider this clip as a warning. 

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