Everything you need to know about Apex Legends Patch 1.91

Respawn Entertainment has rolled out the latest fixes for Apex Legends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is one of the most popular live-service multiplayer games. In addition to regular new seasons, the game gets patched to fix bugs and adjust legend abilities occasionally. Patch 1.91 was released on March 14 and introduced another round of fixes to the game.

Most improvements have to do with stability or bug fixes since the last quality-of-life update. Respawn, for example, patched a bug that caused players wearing an heirloom to move slower on the zipline. Loba’s ultimate ability will also no longer block doors when it’s dropped near them. 

Wraith’s ultimate had a bug that caused her portal to disappear when placed near the Harvester wall. The Rampage LMG had some bugs patched related to its visuals when charging up. The user interface on the Rampage also had some issues that Respawn resolved. The developer fixed some other stability issues and minor bugs as well.

On the same day the patch was released, some fans were posting on social media about how they could not load into a game. Some could not connect, but others were also reporting that they were getting kicked from matches.

Apex has had its fair share of server issues over the years but rarely one that kicks the player mid-game. But many other players have been posting about how they can’t connect or lag while playing in the days since the latest update.

Given how these new issues affect players, Respawn should release some fixes soon.