Apex Legends Harbingers patch notes

Buffs and nerfs, but make them spooky.

Fuse swings a guitar over his head as he flies towards Mad Maggie, shooting at him from a turret.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Halloween in the Outlands is back, as Apex Legends gets set to host the Harbingers collection event. We’ve got all the patch notes you need to know for it.

This time around, there’s actually a good bit of balance changes to go alongside all of those things, as well. It seems that after the ALGS Championship, Respawn is now content to start shaking the meta up once again.

Crafting rotation changes, character buffs and nerfs, and weapon adjustments are all in store for Apex players in addition to a new LTM, a whole suite of skins, and Fuse’s new Heirloom: Razor’s Edge. It’s an electric guitar, and a literal axe, and also a flamethrower. It rules.

So, what exactly is changing in Harbingers?

Full Apex Legends patch notes: Harbingers collection event

The patch notes seem to want to shake up the meta a bit, especially from what players saw at the ALGS Championship. Sorry, 30-30 crutchers and Horizon mains.

Legend changes

  • Fuse: Tactical deployment speed of Knuckle Cluster increased
  • Horizon: Gravity Lift gets several nerfs
    • Weapon accuracy decreased while using the Lift
    • Vertical speed in Lift reduced by 20 percent
    • Hover time at the top of Lift nerfed from two seconds to 0.5 seconds
  • Rampart: Amped Cover received a couple of buffs
    • Placement time buffed from three seconds to two seconds
    • Rampart remains in “placement mode” after placing a wall
  • Revenant: The Revenant rework was wildly successful, and judging by these changes to his ultimate and tactical, perhaps a bit too successful.
    • Nerf to the Forged Shadows time extension when getting a knock in ultimate form from 10 extra seconds to five extra seconds
    • Extra damage from ultimate form now bleeds through to Revenant if the shadow form breaks
    • “Slightly increased pounce angle compensation when looking at the ground” for tactical

Horizon is clearly the big loser here, as the devs looked to have fully nerfed her engagement and fragger-focused playstyle into the ground with slower Lift speeds and less weapon accuracy while in the Gravity Lift. Shooting those pesky folks out of the sky is going to feel a bit easier after the event update.

Horizon Apex Legends
Just some wee nerfs. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Weapon changes

  • 30-30 Repeater and RE-45 with Hammerpoints enter the crafter
  • Nemesis and Mozambique return to ground loot
  • Nemesis nerfs:
    • Damage reduced from 17 to 16 per bullet
    • ADS recoil increased

The Nemesis is back, but it won’t hit as hard as before.

Ranked changes

The devs pushed out a hotfix on Sept. 6 that included a couple of subtle changes to ranked. The guaranteed elimination bonus has been increased for all levels of ranked, and teammates of very different skill levels should see a bit less difference in the points they earn from a match when playing together.

New LTM: Living Shell Trios

The new mode is the very obvious Apex and Mario Kart crossover we’ve all been waiting for, featuring the Rev Shell. Shaped like Revenant’s skull but acting like a red shell, these projectiles will home in on enemies and deal a lot of damage. They can be shot out of the sky, however.

In this mode, players will also get to experience World’s Edge After Dark, featuring a darkened version of season three’s version of World’s Edge. Remember Sorting Factory? That’s Pain Factory now. Fun!

Octane runs away from a glowing red skull through a concrete hallway with glowing graffiti on the walls.
You better run. Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Bug fixes

  • Digi-Threat now correctly highlights enemies through close proximity multi-layered effects
  • Gold magazine and Gold bolt now work after being killed by a dummy
  • Level one accounts no longer appear as Champions in pubs


  • Certain weapon sounds (such as Rampart’s mounted turret motor) now stop upon match end
  • Finishers should no longer have doubled-up or missing audio
  • Weapon draw audio now plays correctly when swapping legends in the Firing Range


  • New Revenant Heirloom no longer changes to original Dead Man’s Curve coloring after leaving the Fight Night ring on Olympus
  • Resolved endless skydiving after flying off map with a Trident


  • Resolved incorrect cursor location when using the controller in certain resolutions
  • Restored game window positioning when video settings are reset


  • Ash’s Floating Point emote no longer has incorrect sound
  • Bloodhound’s Piercing Plasma no longer occasionally turns enemies invisible
  • Crypto will now get kicked out of his drone when silenced
  • Mirage restored Heirloom allowing players to switch weapons without breaking cloak after a revive
  • Seer’s Focus of Attention no longer interrupts other highlight items and abilities
  • Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens restored in Firing Range
  • Valkyrie’s Bladed Decent no longer stutters visually
  • Wraith no longer gets stuck when meleed while using Into the Light finisher


  • Forged Shadows
    • Damage to the shroud now contributes to damage stats and evo points
    • Friendly arc stars and knuckle clusters no longer stick to the shroud
    • Mad Maggie’s Warlord’s Ire now highlights Revenant when you hit his shroud
    • Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark now applies when you hit his shroud
    • Stun effects now apply when his ultimate is active
  • No longer gets stuck in Shadow Pounce when activating the ability before landing from the dropship
  • Resolved animation canceling when using Shadow Pounce that allowed you to draw weapons early
  • Restored highlight from Assassin’s Instinct showing up in cases where enemies are visible but partially obstructed
  • Stopped Shadow Pounce automatically deploying after climbing a ledge

Wait, Bloodhound could turn enemies invisible? Glad I didn’t run into that one.


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