Here is the Apex Legends Global Series ruleset

Here's everything you need to know.

Image via EA

The next stage of the Apex Legends Global Series is expected to kick off soon with the first major of the circuit. It was originally intended to take place in Arlington, Texas on March 13, but the event has been temporarily postponed due to the coronavirus.

ALGS is a two-year circuit, running from January 2020 to the latter stages of 2021. It includes eight premier events, three major events, and a championship to finish it all off. All in all, the events will carry a total prize pool of $3 million

But what about the rules and the league’s requirements? Here’s everything you need to know about the ruleset of the Apex Legends Global Series. 


To register to be considered for eligibility for the ALGS, players must sign in or create a Battlefy account, link their EA Account with their Battlefy account, and create or join a team for the ALGS.

This isn’t applicable around the time of a major event, but when it’s time for qualifying again with online events and premier events, registering a team will be required.

Player eligibility

Every player must have the following requirements to play in the ALGS.

  • Be the minimum age required to have a full EA account.
  • Players from Russia and South Korea must be at least 18 years old.
  • Players from Japan must be at least 17 years old.
  • All other players must be at least 16 years old.
  • Players under the necessary age in their country must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them to any live event.
  • Be a resident of one of the eligible countries.
  • Have a valid EA account.
  • Register their valid EA Account for eligibility and accept the Official Rules and any event-specific rules.
  • Have a valid Battlefy account for both online tournaments and live events.


  • Teams must contain three players.
  • Players must register for every online tournament or live event with a team.
  • Players may not be a member of more than one team for the same event.
  • To join a new team for an event, players must first leave or be removed from the team they are currently registered for the event.
  • Players may change teams for an event at any time prior to the event’s roster lock date.
  • If a team has qualified for a premier event or major, the team must maintain at least two players from the qualifying event roster in order to retain their reserved spot.

Online tournaments

Each live event will have one EA-operated online tournament per region, with teams competing for a reserved spot in a live event.

Online tournaments will award ALGS Points. Teams must advance at least one round in an online tournament to receive ALGS points. If there’s only one round in the online tournament, this requirement doesn’t apply. There will be a minimum of 10 online tournaments per region.

Online tournament regions

  • North America (NA)
  • Europe (EU)
  • South America (SA)
  • South Korea (KR)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA)
  • Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

Premier events

Premier events are live events that are sponsored by third parties in which competitors can earn ALGS Points and a reserved spot and advanced placement in a major.

The rules for participation and additional methods of qualification other than through online tournaments will be determined by the sponsors of these live events.

There will be a minimum of eight premier events, each with a minimum of 20 teams. Each team will qualify for each premier event based on their placement in a specific online tournament.

The top eight teams at each premier event will qualify for that event’s major. If a top-eight placing team has already qualified for that event’s major, the qualified spot will pass to the next highest placing unqualified team.

Challenger events

Challenger events are live events that are sponsored by third parties where teams can earn a reserved spot in a major. The rules for participation and methods of qualification or invitation for each challenger event will be determined by the sponsors.

The top placing team at each challenger event will qualify for that event’s corresponding major.


The Majors will include teams who have qualified directly from an online tournament, who have qualified from a premier event, challenger event, or previous ALGS major, who have received an invitation to participate, or who have registered during the open registration phase for the major.

Code of conduct

If any of these rules are broken, players may be banned from participating in the ALGS.

  • Using any cheats, hacks or other third party “helper” applications in playing matches.
  • Intentionally disconnecting from the internet during any match.
  • Colluding with other teams in playing matches.
  • Taking advantage of known exploits in the game.
  • Abusive or disorderly behavior, including any use of harassing, negative, or profane language online.

Prohibited conduct

  • Violating any law, rule or regulation, as determined by EA.
  • Using any software or program that damages, interferes with or disrupts the ALGS or another’s computer or property.
  • Interfering with or disrupting another player’s participation.
  • Harassing, threatening, bullying, repeatedly sending unwanted messages or making personal attacks or statements about race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, etc.
  • Using exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors or problems in the ALGS.
  • Selling, buying, trading or otherwise transferring or offering to transfer an EA Account.
  • Causing or contributing to scandal, reputational harm or risk to ALGS, or disturbing the professional, fair and respectful gaming environment of the ALGS.
  • Conduct that undermines the integrity and reputation of EA.
  • Promoting, encouraging or taking part in any prohibited activity described above.


  • Warning
  • Reprimand
  • Forfeiture of a single match
  • Forfeiture of all matches
  • Reduction in match score
  • loss of award
  • Suspension from the ALGS
  • Disqualification from the ALGS and future competitions

General match rules

  • All settings in each match will be the default settings of a ranked match of Apex.
  • Any map available in a public playlist in Apex may be played in an online tournament.
  • Players that choose to stream their matches must use a minimum five-minute delay.
  • Players may not quit out of a match before it has ended.
  • Players may not intentionally delay the start of a match.
  • Players may not use any game-changing scripts.
  • Players may not exploit a game mechanic to enter and exit the 30-second “out-of-bounds” kill timer.
  • Examples of this include repeatedly using a zip line, grapple, portal, balloon, or other character ability to repeatedly enter the same area that activates the “out-of-bounds” timer.
  • Players may not intentionally exploit one-sided textures on map geometry to block or avoid any incoming damage.
  • Players may not hide inside of the map’s geometry.
  • Players may not intentionally hide behind invisible walls on the map.
  • Players may not fire their weapon while in the downed state.
  • Players may not fire their weapon while reviving another player.
  • Players may not exploit a Legend’s ability in order to gain an unintended competitive advantage.
  • Players may not intentionally melee loot bins, supply drops, and/or respawn beacons in an effort to launch themselves or other players into the air.
  • Players are responsible for their equipment throughout the tournament.