Apex Legends glitch causes a player to take over their teammate’s character

Beware of body snatchers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player experienced connection issues during a match earlier today that caused them to switch to another character on their team. 

The player was running across the map when they suddenly stopped and were stuck moving in place. This is a common issue when a player lags during a match or experiences network issues and will usually resolve after a few seconds. This time, however, the connection issues were stronger than expected. 

After a few seconds, the player was able to move around again, but they were no longer Wraith. They were now in control of Revenant, who was formerly controlled by their teammate. After a few confusing seconds, they ran up to their former body, which was standing still as if they lagged out of the match. 

The player explained that their teammate crashed when they took over their body and that they were kicked from the game once the teammate loaded back in. They received an error message they had never encountered before but didn’t take a screengrab. 

Most players likely won’t encounter this glitch since it seems to only affect players on the same internet connection. The two players in the clip were on the same WiFi connection and explained that they had had issues with Apex in the past. Other players confirmed they experience odd things with their roommates or friends while playing Apex on the same connection.