Apex Legends fans get a sneak peek at Nomad’s ultimate ability

His Crafting Table can bring new loot to Kings Canyon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When the Iron Crown patch went live, data miners unearthed 14 unreleased characters—one of which was Nomad. A data miner’s revelation gives fans a first look at his ultimate ability, Crafting Table.

Data miner The Gaming Merchant released a video today that showcases his discovery, highlighting how the Field Crafter’s ultimate might work.


Nomad’s abilities all center around looting items and creating new ones. His tactical ability, Loot Compass, is likely a radar that leads players to the nearest item. Nomad’s passive gives teammates extra backpack space and his ultimate ability, Crafting Table, will allow the legend to scrap items for materials to purchase better items.

The Gaming Merchant explains that the Voidwalker patch brought new mineable files to Apex, including data tables for scrappable items.

Screengrab via The Gaming Merchant

The data table shows a “scrap value” for every item in the game. The Peacekeeper shotgun and Wingman pistol, for example, have a scrap value of 20. Other items, like ammunition, have lower scrap values of five.

The data miner then found more items in the game’s files that he believes are purchasable using the scrapped materials from Nomad’s Crafting Table.

Screengrab via The Gaming Merchant

These items sound similar to legendary items already in the game. There are certain items, however, that provide additional bonuses. The “PAS_COMBINED_COOLDOWN” file, for example, hints at a “Fast Charge” item that can reduce both tactical and ultimate recharge time. Another item can give you a health regeneration of 40 over 25 seconds after being revived.

The Gaming Merchant speculates that these items will be purchasable in game because of another data table that shows a “Perk Cost.”

Screengrab via The Gaming Merchant

“If you scrapped 25 weapons you could get level four armor that gives you bonus health on execution,” the data miner said. “If you scrapped 50 weapons you could get reduced cooldowns on your tactical and ultimate as a level four helmet.”

Even though this sounds like a lot of items to scrap, when you think about all of the Mozambiques and P2020 pistols you encounter in a match, it doesn’t seem that farfetched—especially when the reward is guaranteed level four helmets, body shields, and backpacks.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information but The Gaming Merchant’s speculations do hint that Nomad is further in development than most of the other leaked characters.