Apex Legends fans create Wraith and Crypto in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, giving them a taste of the island life

The two are trading guns for fishing rods.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith and Crypto’s lives are about to get a whole lot simpler.

A couple of Apex Legends fans transformed two of the Outlands’ most edgiest characters into Animal Crossing: New Horizons avatars, posting their creation today. Wraith and Crypto appear to have traded gunfights and explosions for a calm life of fishing, catching bugs, and chopping trees.

The players used the Custom Design app on the Nook Phone to give Wraith and Crypto their iconic outfits. Wraith dons her usual bun, along with the black and purple jacket she wears to remain unseen and edgy. Crypto sports a clean fade, along with his silver and neon green parka, and seems to be glued to his Nook Phone.

But it appears that both legends are enjoying their relaxing transition to the island life.

Several Apex players enjoyed this fan-made creation, commenting on the post with their own thoughts. One fan claimed that “Crypto be texting Wattson” on his Nook Phone.

“Wraith, smiling, this creeps me out because I’m mostly used to edgy goth teen Wraith,” another fan said.

While this is certainly an entertaining start, fans hope to see more Apex characters entering the Animal Crossing realm.