Apex Legends fan suggests buffs to make Revenant relevant

The killer robot needs some love.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Although the hype for Apex Legends’ newest character was at an all-time high, Revenant’s kit fell flat within the current meta. But one fan may have the answer to that.

An Apex fan devised several tweaks to Revenant’s kit that would help turn the Synthetic Nightmare into a force to be feared. The buffs would affect various aspects of his unique kit, including his passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

The fan first suggests giving the Fortified perk to Revenant instead of Low Profile. The killer robot takes five percent more damage from any source, similar to Wraith, Pathfinder, and Lifeline. The Fortified perk would allow him to join Caustic and Gibraltar by taking 15 percent less damage.

Revenant’s passive also allows him to climb higher than other legends when scaling walls. But Pathfinder and Octane can still get higher than the Synthetic Nightmare using their abilities. The Apex fan suggests buffing this by twice as much.

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The killer robot’s tactical ability, Silence, sounds good on paper. It deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. But it clearly isn’t enough to make a difference in the game. A suggestion for making the grenade better would be to negate enemies’ ability to ping when hit, as well as cause distortion and slowing similar to an Arc Star. Increasing the silence duration to 12 seconds would also help make it more of a factor.

And Revenant’s Death Totem is certainly a unique ultimate that brings back allies to fight again. But respawning with one health makes it easy for enemies to just camp the totem and pick off anybody who’s resurrected. Under the new ability, players would be spawned with 30 health instead of one and have increased speed when in shadow form. Since the Death Totem is pivotal, increasing its health to 125 would help make it a bit more durable.

It’s unclear what Respawn’s plans are to make Revenant relevant in the current meta. But these suggestions may be a good place to start.